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Judges License

       Dwayne                              Melody

APA General License 1097      APA General License 1098

ABA Bantam Chicken 268         ABA Bantam Chicken 267

ABA Bantam Duck      84            ABA Bantam Duck        81

Authorized PT Testing Agents  

Breeds we Currently Raise

Large Fowl:

Dark Cornish

BB Red Cubalaya


Dark Cornish                          

White Cornish                        

Birchen Moderns                  

BB Red Old English               

White Old English

Black  Old English

Crele Old English

Gold Sebrights

Silver Sebrights

Motteled D'uccles

SC White Leghorns

Wheaten KO Shamos

Awards Earned

APA Grand Master Exhibitors of:

Dark Cornish Large fowl,Dark Cornish Bantams,SC White Leghorn Large fowl

White Plymouth Rock Large fowl,BB Red Old English, Silver Sebright, White Cornish Bantams

APA Hall of Fame


Lifetime Achievement Award

ABA Master Exhibitors

ABA Master Breeders of:

Dark Bantam Cornish

White Bantam Cornish

White Old English

Black Breasted Red Old English

Crele Old English

SC White Leghorns

Silver Sebrights

Golden Sebrights

Birchen Moderns

Black Old English

Mottled Belgian D'uccle



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