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         Dwayne & Melody Jonas

  APA-ABA General     Licensed Judges

ABA Master Breeders

APA Grand Master Exhibitors


Lifetime Achievement


Authorized PT Testing



The World of Purebred Poultry


The beauty of all feathered creatures were a common love between us which led us down the path to purebred poultry.  Dwayne has always had large Dark Cornish as a youngster which he exhibited many years as Capon and Broiler projects and was known through his region as the " Capon King".  After graduation and not being unable to participate in the 4-H, FFA programs he still had these beautiful birds with no place to show them.  Together we became involved in the world of exhibition poultry.  We exhibited our large Dark Cornish for the first time in 1982 where we had Champion Large Fowl , so we were definitely hooked.  Throughout the years  we introduced ourselves to many of the different breeds and varieties of purebred poultry and learned to appreciate each individual difference of the birds.  After studying the American Bantam and American Poultry Standards of Perfection we successfully completed our apprenticeship programs and test to be general licensed judges in both associations.  Our many years of breeding different breeds and varieties of birds, exhibiting in many different venues, and judging throughout the United States has lead us to our current project of hosting the 4 Show Expo.  We host a 4 show exposition two weekends per year.  We select judges from across the United States to give their expertise on the birds and consult with the participants regarding the breeding program, nutritional and housing for their specific needs.  We also promote youth projects to instill in them responsibility and fulfillment of completion of an agriculture project.  Purebred poultry has something to offer to anyone.  A different breed or variety.  Housing can be small or large.  Chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, guineas.  Big and small.  Quiet or noisy.  Fresh eggs and the enjoyment of feeding your flock.  
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